Photoshop Export Panel

Price: 19.00


The Export Panel is the easiest, most efficient and most precise tool to export assets in Adobe Photoshop.

You don’t need to spend time renaming your layers or adding parameters in order to export them in specific ways. Just
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Photoshop Scripts Panel

Price: $19.00

You don’t need to code. Creating a custom Photoshop panel used to be a complex task. Not anymore. With the Scripts Panel, you can build personalized panels that feature your favorite tools without having to use any other software.

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Photoshop Browser Preview

Price: 5

Photoshop Browser Preview — allows to preview your image design directly in Web Browser.

As web designer perfectionist I’m always worried how my designs will looks directly in browser. I always enjoy see how the design will look in the desktop
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Ultimate Retouch

Price: $8

This panel is an amazing tool for a retoucher and for a photographer. It keeps you away from boring technical Photoshop settings and gives you more time to focus on your work. Panel includes seven blocks. In last block you
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Price: $7

Pandora is a randomizing tool that helps you to create a lot of variations of your artwork.


Adjustment Layers Randomizer (RGB Color Mode):

-Color Balance
-Black White
-Channel Mixer
-Selective Color

Layers Properties Randomizer:

-Blend Mode
-Blend If


-Loop Mode
-Save ( each iteration to a specific folder on the
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Sharpen4Web CC Pro

Price: 29,90

Downsize, sharpen and add a watermark with one click!

Sharpen4Web CC Pro uses an algorithm which sharpen a photo much better than Photoshop itself (Smart Sharpen, Unsharp Mask).

FOR SAMPLE IMAGES AND MORE VISIT: http://pixelsucht.net/sharpen4webcc/sharpen4web-cc-sample-images/

• Presets for general web usage and Social
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HTML Block

Price: $5

Photoshop HTML Block — allows you to place any kind of HTML/CSS into your Photoshop document.

This plugin is uses WebKit engine to render on fly your HTML/CSS code on transparent background and place it in special block in Photoshop.

Please take
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Browser Preview

Price: $6

Photoshop Browser Preview — allows to preview your image design directly in Web Browser.

It creates a local Web Server and updates the image from Photoshop document in automatic or manual mode. Now you can open preview link in any Desktop
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Dock Puppet — preview icon in dock

Price: $12

Dock Puppet — Photoshop plugin to preview and test icon design in OS X Dock

Very handy thing for every Mac OS X apps icon designer. It allows you to preview the icon from the Photoshop document in the Dock directly
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Film Grain

Price: 3.99

The Film Grain Photoshop Panel works on pixel based images and each grain effect has been carefully constructed from examples of high resolutions scans of actual black and white film stocks.

The grain effect is added to a separate layer, labelled
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Price: $19

UberStock — free hi-resolution stock photos in your Photoshop CC, CC2014, CC2015 on Mac or PC.

Thousands of professional photos and everyday updates!

Creative Commons license only. Use it’s for any purpose, even commercially.

Fast & smart search by keywords. Find a perfect
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Perspective Mockups

Price: 19

Perspective Mockups is a clever little Photoshop Plugin that makes presenting your ideas a breeze. Photoshop Plugin to transform your work into a unique perspective.
Mac & Win. Photoshop CC 2014 ready!
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Markly – Photoshop & Sketch Measure/Spec Plugin

Price: $39

Markly is an smart measure extension/plugin for creating spec / UI style guide document for your developer or customers. It supports Photoshop CC & Sketch app. We are sure about that Markly
will save you tons of your time.

Markly had been
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Price: Free


  • Quickly export textures from PSDs containing multiple maps organized in groups.
  • Compress multiple maps to a single texture by defining which Photoshop group you want to export in each image channel (RGBA). For example you can have an opacity map saved to the red channel and a specular map saved to the green channel of the same texture. Read more…

AD Brutus Symmetry (PS CC+)

Price: 10.00

AD Brutus Symmetry is a Photoshop CC & CC 2014 Panel that provides tools to work with -almost- realtime symmetry.

Brutus is Adictive! Awesome for Character design! Fantastic for Brainstorming!

It basically uses Photoshop guides (vertical and horizontal) as Axis for the
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Interactive Luminosity Masks

Price: 0

The Interactive Luminosity Panel (ILM) is a novel Adobe Photoshop extension for creating luminosity masks/selections in a more efficient and user friendly way. ILM allows the interactive creation of custom luminosity masks with instantaneous visual feedback.
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Price: $5

Titlemizer is a premium Photoshop plugin, that generates random relevant titles, leads, texts, dates and usernames. Currently supports English, Ukrainian and Russian text generation for three thematic categories: Technology, Economics and Politics.
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Blueprint My Image Photoshop Action

Price: 4

Blueprint My Image Action :

This action is designed to turn your image into a blueprint , This action produces both white and blue version of the blueprint.The download includes both the .ATN and the .PSD needed for the action to
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Golden Ratio

Price: Free

Creates a golden ratio guide adjusted to the size of the composition.

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Price: free

Get Unsplash’s images directly in Photoshop CC.
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Wow! Tonal Equalizer

Price: €32

Wow! is a frequency separation extension that allows you to independently boost or soften five different detail scales of your image.
Use positive values to add detail or shape, or negative ones to remove detail and create great soft transitions. Combining
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header-image 3


Price: 19.95

Resonator is an extension for collecting, storing, and exporting graphical resources for various mobile platforms and the web. It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Retina Web, and works on Photoshop CC 2014 and up. We are confident that RESONATOR
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Skintone Color Cart From Photoshop CC 2014

Price: 5

The panel shows the basic skin color man of Europe.
By clicking on the selected color creates a copy of the base layer and the layer takes the selected color.
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Price: 15

ColorKit is a productivity tool for color management. You can easily collect colors into projects, and link them with a layer with single click. Forget about Photoshop’s swatches and let the adventure begin!
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Price: $6

We are presenting new Photoshop plugin called ScreenSnap. It was developed to help designers create perfect screenshots of their work with just a few clicks. It’s really fast and it can also generate @2x version. Try it now and start
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Connect CC

Price: 19.95$

A great tool to let you share your piece of art quickly with the most talented people in the world and on the most popular social networking websites in the world.

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Dribbble
4) Behance
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Price: Free

Global Color Swatches for Photoshop

Prisma lets you create global color swatches which you can connect to any text or shape layers. When you change the color of the swatch – all connected layers are updated immediately.

The cool thing is:
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Font Hero – Font Organizer for Photoshop

Price: 39

Font Hero is a smart font manager for Photoshop – it allows you utilize fonts in Photoshop in your way, and manage fonts with Labels, Collections & Favorites.


Too many fonts to locate the right one? Font Hero plugin will
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Unorthodox Game Dev Tools

Price: $9.99

The Unorthodox Game Dev Tools are a simple but powerful set of Photoshop scripts that streamline the texture creation process for game development. The tools allow users to quickly setup and organize a PSD file, customize export options, and export
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Price: FREE

A completely FREE script for Photoshop that will create pixel specs based on your selection type.

• FREE for all, unmatched and store quality
• Create multiple measures at one time
• Create extended and long lines, great for isolating out measurements
• This script will also define
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Price: 29

View and Manage open Adobe Photoshop Documents

DOCO lets you view all your open documents in Adobe Photoshop and can quickly switch between them. No more trying to figure out which Photoshop document tab is the one you want. Furthermore, Doco
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Price: 0


This panel is designed for Photoshop CC. It allows you to draw cel animations (frame-by-image), simplifying the process. it also lets you test the movie and set the duration of a keyframe…

Video overview: https://vimeo.com/album/1989753

A version named AnimDessin is
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NSFW Holder

Price: free

NSFW Holder is an image placeholder service that generate images at any size directly in photoshop CC.
Images come from Babe Holder & Hunk Holder
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Clear Nine Patch

Price: 0

* Clear the superfluous stretchable areas through selection.
* Automate minimising the stretchable patches that are defined by the left and top lines to 1px width or height. (Only supports the NinePatch images that have a 1-pixel-wide black line
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Price: 0

Griddify lets you create guides and grid systems in Photoshop. Plus, it comes with a super cool demo!
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Photoshop Social Share

Price: Free

We are Layerhero Software. We make nice apps for designers.Photoshop Social Share is our 3rd free Photoshop plugin.

Photoshop Social Share Panel Plugin is a lovely-designed & free Photoshop plugin, helping designers share their design via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, AirDrop,
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Adobe Lorem Ipsum Generator

Price: 0

Lorem Ipsum Generator is made for creative designers who need lorem ipsum. With this free Adobe plugin, designers are able to generate lorem ipsum directly within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & Dreamweaver!

The first and ultimate lorem ipsum text solution for
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Price: Free

This made our day.
And seriously, this guys have pretty cool plugins .

Instant Forecast in your Photoshop
Our Weather extension was designed with simplicity in mind and provides
a clean and simple user interface. Meet your new OS, Photoshop.
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Price: 19

MixColors is the physically accurate color mixer and color palette for Adobe Photoshop. It features easy swatches, color history and the special eyedropper mixing mode for fastest color blending.
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Assistor PS

Price: 9.9$ per month

Ultimate 9 in 1 tool, especially made for UI Designers. Assistor PS

When we work on a design, we waste more time than we think. Especially as our job nears its end, we must find out the figures for each layer
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Spriteowl Photoshop extension

Price: $20

Spriteowl is a Photoshop extension that takes over the boring part when working with sprite images and CSS. Spriteowl exports your Photoshop Sprites to PNG and CSS, LESS, SASS/SCSS or Stylus code.

Spriteowl Features:

Save time
Spriteowl retrieves x, y, width and height
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iOS Toolbox

Price: $14,99

iOS Toolbox Photoshop plugin – bridge between iOS design and development. Generate Objective-C code, export assets & more.
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Price: 0

This panel is designed for Photoshop CC. It allows you to draw animations frame-by-image, simplifying the process. it also lets you test the movie and set the duration of a keyframe…

Video overview: https://vimeo.com/album/1989753

This version is only for Photoshop CC, but
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Price: 0

This panel is dedicate to wide angle video GoPro distortion correction.
It include PreConfiguration and automate the process.
You could use this panel for non-GoPro camera using Wide Angle Lens.

More infos and tutos on this panel here: http://kimtag.com/wideangle
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AD Artbox

Price: USD 10

AD Artbox it’s a new Photoshop CS6 Panel with more than sixty high quality tools for illustrators.

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ALCE – Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer

Price: $34.95

This plugin ALCE – Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer

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Web Font Plug-in

Price: Free !

The Photoshop® Web Font Plug-in lets you design with the same web fonts you will use to “go live”.

Frankly, it had to be done… so we did it.

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Remove Unused FX

Price: Free !

Clean up your photoshop files.

Let the OCD & Neat-freaks feel more comfortable!

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Price: Free !

Make it Flat! Become a flat design pro in seconds with this simple Photoshop plugin.

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Cut & Slice me

Price: Free !

Cut&Slice me cuts and exports them in png format trimming the pixels you don´t need, or let you can specify the size you want. Or you can export all states of your buttons in the blink of an eye.

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Price: $ 19:00

WebZap is a plugin that provides Photoshop with additional tools and functionalities that are designed to assist web developers with their mockup and ui design workflow.

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Price: Free !

Inspired by some guys who makes custom panels for Photoshop,  Kamil Khadeyev decided to make  his own. And here it is, he made “Isometrify” — Adobe Photoshop CS5+ extension that helps transform objects into isometry and generate custom sized grid for it.

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Price: $ 890:00

FourMatch is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that instantly analyzes any open JPEG image to determine whether it is an untouched original from a digital camera. Now, you can quickly identify files that have not previously been edited.

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Price: $ 29:99

How Enigma64 works?

1. Select Photoshop layers.

Click on a single layer or choose multiple layers.

2. Export image file or get Base64.

Enigma64 handles save process and optimizes result on maximum.

3. And do the Harlem shake!

With Enigma64 you saved more than 60 seconds per image.

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No More Banding

Price: Free !

Say goodbye to banding.

This is a very simple technique packaged into a single action.

Simply select the action and press play. Your document will be converted into a 16-bit document and a new layer applied to the top of your group/document fixing all the banding in that document.

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Transform Each

Price: Free !

Adobe Illustrator has nice features that absents in Photoshop. One of them is Transform Each. When you need to transform group of layers, it transforms each of selected layers as it was transformed individually. So here is the script from Kamil Khadeyev to fit it.

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Price: Free !

Automatically save all documents. Need Photoshop CS6 with Adobe Exchange Extension installed.

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New document preset for Photoshop

Price: Free !

Based on awesome website http://screensiz.es, Madebyvadim created the New documents preset for Photoshop.

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Price: Free !

Watch the game while you design.

Bounce is a free plugin that integrates and connects the Dribbble design community into the design applications you love to build with everyday.

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Page Layers

Price: $ 28:99

Its an app but I thought you might be interested as well. 

  • Page Layers

Page Layers is a website screenshot app for Mac OS X. It converts web pages to Photoshop files with separate layers for all page elements.

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RotateMe action

Price: Free !

Another script created by  Kamil Khadeyev.

This action clones objects in a circle. Usually it has been done in Adobe Illustrator, but now there’s no need to switch to it. This versions with 12 and 36 copies for shape layers and regular raster layers. To make clones with shapes you need to select them with Path Selection Tool (A) first and then use 12 (shape) or 36 (shape) action. With regular layer you just need select your layer select amount of copies.

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Copy Guides

Price: Free !

This photoshop script helps copy and paste guides from layout to individual pages within Photoshop.

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Remove copy from layer name

Price: Free !

Its not prettiest looking extension but its makes a tedious job of removing copy from layer name and we thank it for that.

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Fonts.com Subscription

Price: Free !

Quickly selecting and adding fonts to your design projects just got easier with new Fonts.com Subscription Adobe Extension. Paired with your Fonts.com Subscription, you now have the ability to browse, add, and sync fonts directly from your favorite Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

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Smart Scale

Price: Free !

Change the Interpolation Method Used in Free Transformed Smart Objects.

Convert layers to a smart object, or revert the smart object.

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Price: $ 19:00

SpecKing – The ultimate Photoshop plugin for measurements & design specs.

SpecKing is a Photoshop plugin that provides you with additional tools to help you easily make design specs.

Measuring sizes and font specifications in Photoshop can be a real time consuming task. SpecKing simplifies this process and lets you instantly measure any sizes, margins, and font properties in any PSD file. Your design specs can be ready in an instant, with just a few clicks.

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Price: $ 29:00

CSS Hat turns Photoshop layer styles to CSS3. Instantly.

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Blendme.in plugin

Price: Free !

Access the world’s largest collection of icons right in Photoshop for free!

Search thousands of assets, including popular icon packs, without leaving Photoshop.

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Drawscript for Illustrator

Price: Free !

A bit of Illustrator help HERE!!!

For those who uses Illustrator also , tho is going to be a helpful tool.

Drawscript is an extension for Illustrator and it generates graphics code from vector shapes in real time.

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Price: $ 9:99

What Coolorus is?

Coolorus is a Corel Painter like color wheel for Adobe Products (Photoshop, Flash, After Effects) and all the Mac apps that use the native Apple color picker.

Coolorus is aimed at creative people who would like to improve their color picking workflow as much as possible. Reduce the mouse clicks to the minimum and help to master the color relationships and the power of the HSV triangle.

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Price: $ 14:00

Productivity lists that connect you to your projects core information.

Catalist is a productivity tool unlike any other. It lets you create powerful, easy to use lists that react when you click them allowing you to perform a range of different tasks from within the CS or CC application you are currently working in.

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Save Panel

Price: Name your own price!

Save Panel is a Photoshop plugin that optimizes file saving.

With Save Panel, you can configure buttons that saves documents with your favorite settings.

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CSS Turbo

Price: $ 29:99

Photoshop Extension for Web Developers.

Copy & Paste CSS Styles from Photoshop with 1 click.

Save Time, Save Money.

Turbo-Charged Productivity Tool for Web Designers.

No more slow hand-coding of text styles.

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Price: $ 39:95

FilterHub is a powerful replacement for the Filter menu of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and offers many advantages over it. It supports built-in filters (from the Filter, Adjustments and Enhance menus), filter plugins and third-party automation plugins. The FilterHub panel runs in Photoshop under Windows and MacOS X and in Photoshop Elements under Windows.

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Group Layer Renaming (Script)

Price: Free !

This script will help you with group layer renaming.

Script can append, prepend or replace layer name with entered text.

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Frank DeLoupe

Price: $ 0:99

It’s stand alone app with cool Photoshop integration. 

Your new color-picking friend on Mac OS X.

With Frank you can pick any color, anywhere on your screen and then:

• The USUAL: copy paste the value from the clipboard to your editor of choice.

• The COOL: have it right into Photoshop with no extra effort.

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Subtle Patterns

Price: $ 11:99

Its finally here!

Imagine the immense library from Subtle Patterns, fed directly into your Photoshop panel – always in sync! It’s finally possible with our plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

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Price: $ 9:99

Multiple layers renaming Photoshop plugin.

  • Features:

Multiple layers renaming – You can select a lot of layers and rename it in 1 click.

Manage name list – Keep all layers names in your list, you can add or delete names.

Live name filtering – You can easily search in your names list.

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DevRocket Version 2

DevRocket Version 2

Price: $ 19:00

It’s time to speed up the way you design.

If you are not using DevRocket, you are wasting valuable design time. Start today.

DevRocket is the only Photoshop plugin of its kind, it’s built from scratch to support the iOS ui design workflow. With its time saving tool set and solid workflow framework, it’s simply a must have for any iOS designer working with Photoshop.

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Adobe Kuler

Price: Free !

Adobe’s Kuler, a community built around colour inspiration, creation and workflow, has been around for some time now,  It’s fully integrated in Creative Suite CS6 and later, which means it’s that much more convenient to reference when working in Photoshop.

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Lighten / Darken Color (Script)

Price: Free !

Another script created by  Kamil Khadeyev.

A Small script that helps dealing with color in Photoshop.

2 Scripts makes you able to setup a hotkeys for changing foreground color’s brightness one increases brightness by 10% and another decreases it.

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Price: Free !

A new plugin for Photoshop.
More than 10.000 vectors directly in your Photoshop.

Download free vector icons. It’s quick and easy.
We have 11995 icons available for you!

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Price: $ 49:00

Plugin for Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks. 

Blueprints for the Web.
Instantly annotate and measure your design documents right from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks. Now available in Creative Cloud.

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TemplateGen Beta (Script)

Price: Free !

We all know the problems with the templates in Photoshop.

Everything that Adobe gave us is document size presets. It’s cool, but not enough.

If you have bunch of “starter-kits” for different design tasks, like iOS icon grid or iPhone screen with native navigation bar, tab bar etc, you have to duplicate them to your project folder again and again.

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Split to Layers (Script)

Price: Free !

This script will separate each contiguous group of pixels to it’s own layer.

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Lorem Ipsum Generator

Price: Free !

Photoshop extension panel that will help to put dummy text on our layout.

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Blueprint Generator

Price: $ 5:00

The fastest way to make your own blueprint background with one single click. You just need to click PLAY, set the canvas dimensions and it´s done. This item also comes with 9 extra actions to make your main shape/text/raster outlined with 3 different blueprinted styles!

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ScreenShot PSD

Price: $ 2:99

A menubar app

Capture the screen as a layered PSD for easy editing.

Capture the Desktop, Dock, menu bar and every window as separate layers in PSD format.

Open and edit in Photoshop, Pixelmator or other graphics tool.

Hide, reorder and move layers to modify the screenshot.

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Price: $ 3:99

An app to help Photoshop user with handy menu tool

Menus Where You Need Them.

MenuMate displays a copy of an app’s menu bar items whenever you want, right next to the cursor!

Whether you have large monitor or multiple monitors, having to lookup and reach over to get to an app’s menu is pain. You lose your place and the repeated motion is hard on your wrist.

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Price: $0+

A little Photoshop Panel to speed up the tedious process of exporting graphics from Photoshop comps.

This little plugin simply let you automate all the exporting process just by renaming layers and layer sets, and spare a lot of time.

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Export Pro

Price: Free !

“Save for the Web” as it should be.

Export Pro is a Photoshop plug-in will make your life easy and save you time. Changing the way and the speed you export parts for development, weather for Mobile apps,flash banners or web.

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Price: € 15:00

A monkey that saves pixelperfect files from your .psd with complete control over quality.

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Price: $ 19:00 Export your PSD’s icon layers as
an icon web font, with a single click. Read more…


Cut&Slice Me

Price: Free !

Cut&Slice Me is a plugin that will help you with the tedious task of cutting and exporting your assets. It is very easy to use and  it will definitely improve your workflow.

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Export Pro Photoshop Panel

Price: $ 14:99

A designer’s dream come true

  • Automatically and precisely export multiple layers and save tons of time
  • Nothing to learn; no prep time; no changing your workflow
  • Straightforward, intuitive, flexible and fast Read more…

Layer Guides

Price: Free !

This is a simple but very useful extension developed by the User Interface Designer and Front-End Developer Gaston Figueroa.

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Expand smart objects (script)

Price: Free !

I was thinking of just posting panels and plugins, but there are some cool scripts out there that should be known by every designer.

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Png Express

Price: $ 29:00

PNG EXPRESS is another of our favorite photoshop tools.

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Price: Free !

Today we are proud to feature one of the most useful panels out there from one of our friends Cameron McEfee.

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PSD Organizer

Price: $ 4:00

Keep your PSD files organized without wasting precious time.

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Photoshop Pen Panel

Price: Just A Tweet!

If you are as obsessive about pixel perfection as we are, you’re toggling the snap to pixel grid setting a hundred times a day. We can help.

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Photoshop Timer Panel

Price: Free !

I created this Photoshop Timer Panel based on an idea given by Chris Casey.

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12 Pro Photoshop Time Savers

Price: Just A Tweet!

Here is the NEW CS6 version of “one of the best freebies ever” for professional Photoshop users “Trevor Morris Scripts. 

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